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A free image curve extract tool that is simple and easy to use

A free image curve extract tool that is simple and easy to use

Coverting scanned graphs to data, that is, extracting (x,y) data from scanned graphs can be useful for analyzing data from published graphs, analog instruments, strip chart recordings, or any other hard copy graph or plot. This is sometimes called a "plot digitizer", "graph digitizer", or "optical plot reading" (OPR)

Very easy to use, five steps:

1 Capture curve from screen - A first example

2 Calibration

3 Erase to make curve isolated

4 Choose curve by connectivity, color, dragging a rectangle, points

5 Copy the data

Engineers, students, scientists, researchers, who may want to convert image curves to data

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CurveSnap 1

User reviews about CurveSnap

  • Renare

    by Renare

    "ok. Lot's of improvements needed before became usefull"

    I have tried a log-log curve and the software has no capability to understand that. Otherwise, it is ok..   More.

  • artur.bove.9

    by artur.bove.9

    "Good and easy to use."

    Really easy to use, in 5 mim I managed to digitize a curve and export to an Excel spreadsheet. I am adding a link to ...   More.